Richard Ferguson

Fergie was born in Bend, OR on May 7, 1928. The family lived on a small ranch just North of Bend. There he resided until joining the Navy in 1946. After boot camp in San Diego, CA he went to Jacksonville, FL for aviation and storekeeper training graduating from both in May of 1947. Transferring to Naval Air Station San Diego, CA Fergie worked in a supply department pool consisting of storekeepers from severl aviation squadrons stationed on the base. It was a short stay because in September of 1947 he we put aboard the USS Anderson, a troop transport ship. After a couple of weeks they reached Guam, were he spent two weeks waiting for a plane to take him to Shanghai, China. He had assigned with five other sailors to Fleet Marine Force Western Pacific for further assignment to Air Facility Sanko, just outside of Tsingtao, China. This was a marine air facility but aviation supplies were the responsibity of Navy Aviation Storekeepers. The six sailors were issued Marine uniforms with Navy insignia.

Mao Tsi Tung was actively taking over China at the time and their stay there ended on February 2, 1949. He was shipped out on the USS Oberon, AKA 14. Thinking he was going back the the states it was quite a suprise to find that his journey would end at Ewa, Territory of Hawaii. This was a small Marine air field that was being decomissioned. He worked there packing up dependents' personal property for shippment. After two months he was then moved a few miles west to Barbers Point Naval Air Station. This difficult duty continued until 1951. During that time, he met and married an island girl. He then transferred to Naval Air Station North San Diego, CA. There he went back to the same job and building he had been in in 1947. Rather than transfer his family, he now had a son, to the States, he asked for a transfer back to Hawaii. It came through and he was then sent to Naval Air Station Kaneohe, Hawaii. This had been a Marine base but had been closed earlier, now to be reopened as a Navy Facilty.

In 1953 Fergie was again transferred to the USS Corson, AVP-37. This was an auxillary seaplane tender. Basically it is was a gas station. The ship carried 110 Octane gasoline to refuel seaplanes patrolling the Sea of Japan and the China Seas. This continued until December 1953 when the ship was sent to Hunter's Point, San Francisco bay, CA. He then left for duty at Naval Air Station Pautuxant River, MD. By this time he had reached First Class Petty Officer and was the non-com in charge of the Base Operations Supply Department.

Upon developing a medical condition, Fergie was transferred to Naval Hospital Bethesda, MD. He discharged on November 26, 1956 after ten years, two months and twenty six days of service with a medical discharge.